Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Know 2018

WhatsApp is light weighted android app which is used by 98.92% SmartPhone  users . If your reading this post then i am sure about that you are user of whatsapp like me. Today i am going to discuss various whatsapp cheats and trick which make your whatsapp experience brighter .

 Top Secret whatsapp tricks you never knew 

  1. Writing Text In Different Styles

    • To write Bold text write * at beginning and at end of message. E.g *Hello Sardarji*
    • To write italic text write _at beginning and at end of message. E.g _Hello Sardarji_
    • To write  text write ~ at beginning and at end of message. E.g ~Hello Sardarji~
    • To write blank space write ”'( Three backward single quotes )  at beginning and at end of message. E.g ”’                                               ”’.
  2. Use WhatsApp On Your PC

You can use whatsapp on your PC or desktop using  whatsapp web. Steps to use whatsapp on PC

  • Go to
  • You will see QR Code on this website
  • Now in your mobile phone open whatsapp and click on three vertical dots >>Click on Whatsapp web it will open QR scanner scan QR code which is shown on your PC (On whatsapp Web) Now you can chat with your friends using your PC.
  1. Hack Any WhatsApp Account

As i mention above how to use whatsapp on PC in same way you can hack your friend’s whatsapp and read all chats

  • Open Whatsapp Web website
  • Scan QR Code in friend’s Whatsapp this is a simplest and only working way to hack whatsapp account.
  1. Hide Whatsapp Chat

In whatsapp you can hide any chats by archiving chat.Long press on chat which you want to archive then you see archive button in top bar tap it and your chat will be hidden in archived chats.
If you want to see archived chats then you can see in archived chat which is present at the bottom of all chats.

  1. Fake Chat Prank

Using this trick you can make fool your friends. You can generate custom messages, contact name, profile pic and many more.

  • Go to FakeWhats .

  • Click to upload

  1. Show or Share Your Status With Specific Friends

To share your status with specific contacts go to Setting -> Account -> Privacy -> Click on status Then chose list of friends or contacts with you want to share your status.

  1. Starred Important Messages

Starring messages means saving messages in important messages box.
Long press message which you want to star then you see star on top bar tap it and now your message is saved as stared message.You can see this message by clicking on name of person whose message you stared.

  1. Read Message Info

Sometimes we worries about is my friend successfully received (Say delivered)my message or not if received then at what ‘O clock he/she read my message to see these details follow these step
Long Tap message then
you see info button in top bar tap it now you can see READ TIME and DELIVERED TIME

  1. Hide Read Receipt

Sometime you see that you send message to your whatsapp friend and your message is read by your friend but you didn’t see blue tick (Signs that message has been red by receiver) To do this follow these steps

  • Go toSetting -> Account -> Privacy -> Untick Read Receipt
  1. Secure Your Whatsapp

Steps to secure your whatsapp account

  • Check whatsappweb option when someone used your whatsapp account beacuse he/she may scan QR code in his PC for retrieving your messages.
  • Use Whatsapp App locker.
  • Backup your messages daily (Whatsapp Default backup is scheduled at 2am).
  1. Image Preview Changer

Download image previewer changer app here

Use preview image and original image for prank and share with your whatsapp contacts


  1. Reply For Particular Message

Long press and select message for reply then chose backward button at top bar to give reply to particular message.

  1. Restore Deleted Messages

Go to File manager -> Whatsapp -> Database

You can see database files with .crypt12 extension version of crypt file may varies with version of whatsapp

  1. Sending Blank Spaces

  2. Using Multiple WhatsApp On Single Phone

  3. Fix Particular Friend on Top of Chats

  4. Send Giphys Using WhatsApp

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