[FIXED] You are not eligible to change facebook page url or name

Facebook is the backbone of the social media it is American based social networking based company. You should know that nowadays, people mainly use social media platform for business and marketing purposes. Some of you might have got an error message, while trying to create a user name for your business page:”You are not eligible to create a username“. Let’s discuss why this happen and how to fix that.

Possible Cause of Problem  You are not eligible to change the Facebook Page Url
  1. You have created a new page on Facebook.
  2. You have created a page on newly created Facebook account.
  3. Your page likes are less than 25.
  4. You have changed page name to many times.

One thing i want to clear that now your page doesn’t require minimum 25 likes on it to get custom page url link. You can choose custom page url for newly created page also to attract more visitors. 

If you recently set up a new business page  from a new Facebook account then your page url will look like this Sample-business-name-799219234878  and like other you also want to change your page url to Sample-business-name 

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